Here are a number of sentences whose language does not accurately reflect the writer’s intended meaning. Each was taken from an actual student’s essay and  is followed by a suggested correction.



In the story Bob Ewell shows a great example of bad triumphing.


In the story, Bob Ewell’s behavior and actions suggest the triumph of evil over good.



In this quote, it interprets an example of when Tom Robinson was killed.


The quotation calls to mind the killing of Tom Robinson as an example of its meaning.



He was black so because blacks were not liked very much and as much as Atticus tried to get him accused of being not guilty, he still ended up being accused of the crime.


Since he was black, and since blacks were usually mistreated, he was still accused of the crime despite Atticus’ efforts to exonerate him.



Tom Robinson is a poor black man who is discriminated.


Tom Robinson is a poor black man who faces discrimination.



This shows that even by Boo being used to staying by himself and not being bothered he went out to save the kids even though they tried to bother and disturb him.


This shows that Boo, despite being accustomed to his isolation, still went out to save the children, even though they had disturbed and harassed him in the past.



In one story alone, it has two evil people and they both lose or are shown not evil.


In one story alone, two evil characters are both defeated, or revealed not to be evil after all.



One incident that involves a conflict between good and evil that occurred in this story is blacks and whites treatment.


The treatment of blacks in the story, compared to that of whites, is one example of the conflict between good and evil.



How this whole act is considered when good wins over evil is simple.


This act is a simple example of the triumph of good over evil.



If evil wasn’t winning, then the good wouldn’t be good because they don’t have anything to defeat to be good and be the hero.


Without the forces of evil to oppose them, the forces of good would have no purpose or meaning.



In the books, there has to be evil trying to triumph and in the end, evil never conquers.


In literature, the forces of evil must present a challenge to those of good, but can never ultimately conquer them.