When I went up to Pontiac for "Indian Summer" in September 2001, I stopped by the Natchez gates and caught a few snapshots of the campus under renovation. I couldn't get onto camp as all the entrances are fenced off with "No Trespassing" signs posted everywhere; although it was a Sunday, I didn't want to push my luck.. Here are some of the more interesting images:

This view is from the main gate on County Road 7, looking toward the (former) Schafler house. The new entrance roadway snakes to the right of where the old one was (you can see in the distance, between the trees, on the left). The go-kart track seems to have been excavated. There's a drainage pipe under the new road. In the distance, center, you can see the windows of Bunk 15.

View from Four Corners Road, between the gate by the main softball diamond and the day-camp driveway; this seems to be a new entrance road onto camp. The road runs right down what used to be a line of trees, under which the College Day teams used to meet; foreground right is South Bunk. In the distance on the left you can see the backstop of the small softball diamond, with bunks 2/4 behind it; on the right of the new road are bunks 6 & T.  I wasn't able to enter the campus so I'm not sure where this road ends.

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