March 2002

You're not going to believe this.

The Camp Natchez website seems to be reaching more and more Natchez Alumni, as I'm receiving many wonderful e-mail greetings (big thanks to all who have sent messages), but this one really blew my mind. While browsing the net one day recently, Phil Gundy, an Englishman who teaches computer science at a primary school, and who came to Camp Natchez as a counselor in 1972 via Camp America, typed in the URL, just on the off-chance that someone had registered the name and set up a website, or if the camp still existed. Lo and behold…

Phil has been kind and gracious enough not only to contact me, but to send scans of some of his Natchez memorabilia, including his bunk picture (he's the one kneeling in front, on the left):

...and a copy of the "EZ-Bird" newspaper (click the picture at right for the full-size image). You'll note that it reads "Volume I, No. 1;" could this be the very, very first "EZ-Bird" ever?

Thanks so much to Phil for his time and contributions. Hopefully, more and more alumni like Phil on
both sides of the Atlantic will be discovering this site and re-discovering Natchez as we approach our next reunion.

The next Alumni meeting will be held Wednesday, April 10 at 6:30 p.m. at Elissa's office, Karpas Health Information Center, 311 First Ave at 18th Street. Check out last month's update for more information on this year's reunion and other possible future events. 

Bunk pictures from 1981 have been added, but I still need the ones from 1986 onward, and color versions from 1980-85, to augment the collection already online. Thanks to Danielle Langton for making the first contribution, sending me her picture of Bunk 5 1994; I also dug up one of my brother's bunk pictures, Bunk T 1985, to replace the black-and-white with the color image. If you have a bunk picture to contribute, either mail it to me, as Danielle did (e-mail me for my mailing address), and I'll mail it back once it's scanned and posted, or e-mail me a scanned .jpg, as Phil did.

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